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Aug. 6th, 2007

A Mighty Wind is one of the funniest movies ever made.

-"Do you like trains?"
-"Oh no, I came on a bus."

-"Thank goodness for model trains, because without them they could never make the real ones."


Aug. 4th, 2007

The Cape is so boring. Someone please save me.
Last night we had a store meeting at midnight, which was totally going to suck. But then I decided to put a "couple away" (if you catch my drift), and it basically ended up being 2 beers funneled plus 5 more. Oh man, Sheena and I got some interesting pics last night ~to say the least. Haha. So I went to my meeting, hammered! And straightening the wall drunk, was not as much fun as you'd think it'd be. And everyone knew i had been drinking also. And I believe, while we were waiting for the manager to get there (btw she was DEF late!! that bitch!) oh but I'm pretty sure that I fell asleep on a counter?!?!!.. And once she got there I had to stand for the meeting, but I was basically do a "i have to pee"-dance. All in all, it was an interesting night. Thank goodness, that I'm not working there for 2 months.
today was a really good day. nothing out of the ordinary happened, it was just all good.

thanks steven

You've got Molly on you.

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Groundhog Day 2007

Well it's that time of the year again.  When we get to hear from our good friend Phil.  Punxsutawny Phil, that is.  Yes the groundhog.  Basically the best holidy ever! Haha.  According to the history of this holiday, Phil has seen his shadow about 96 times and only not seen it 15 times.  Which is very exciting, because this year, 2007, Phil did NOT see his shadow! Yeah! This means an early winter!!! I cannot wait.  Apparently Phil has been predicting the weather since 1886! Can you believe it!! Those silly Germans and their crazy folklore!!

This definitely calls for a celebration! Wouldn't you agree?

Spring 07

SSo last week was the first week of classes. Yay! I <3 school! haha.. I know, I'm such a loser (as per Mike). I've got a heavy course load this semester I'm taking 6 classes == 17 hours!! Jealous?
  1. Chemistry 1
  2. Chemistry 1 Lab
  3. Multicultural Film
  4. Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE)
  5. German II
  6. Modeling in Biology              (and there's like 9 people in this class also, it's hilarious)
And it basically breaks down to that I have classes Monday-Friday and at least 3 classes each day!  Fun fun. Plus I'm pretty much slammed with all the reading from these classes, which sucks.  (for Film, we have to read like 4 chapters, before tomorrow).. Yeah, pass.  And I get really distracted in my ODE class, because my prof is bald; and his head is really really really shiny, like there's a big glare! Ha ha.. My German prof is an old hippie, which is interesting, to say the least. Oh and my chem Lab TA, can't speak English.  She's Asian, and no one knows what she is saying, and on the first day we had to go and point ourselves out on the roster and show her how to say our first names. All in all, it's going to be an interesting semester.
So for those of you (most of you) who didn't know, Thursday was my 21st Birthday. Woot Woot. And so,  I went out to 2 bars (Big Daddy's and Bullwinkle's) with Mike and some people.  It was basically amazing.

Anyways it was a pretty amazing bday..
So Christmas break is not turning out like I had planned...

I went to Tire Kingdom at like 7am to get my oil changed and just left my car there all day, because I had to work.  So I went to work during the day.  My boss Jasmine gave me a shot glass with my name engraved on it for my 21st bday (which is coming up... hint). Then after work I picked up my car and went home.  Mike and I went out to dinner, at the Ale House.  It was pretty good.  Then we went home and I passed out.
I got up at like 6:30ish and got ready to leave (i.e. shower, pack, breakfast). And while I was doing that I watched "the Road to El Derado".  Definitely one of my favorite movies. Haha.  Then I finally got on the road about 8 or 8:30ish.  Everything was going pretty well; I was making great time and there was absolutely no traffic.  I got gas in Gainsville.  And I got off in Elleton (sp? like 4 miles North of Sarasota) to grab something to eat.  When I pulled off I-75 my car started making a really weird noise, it was also shaking, it wouldn't accelerate, and then the check engine light started flashing.  So I drove a Walgreens and parked there.  (**FYI: My mom JUST signed up for AAA, like a month ago.. haha) So I called AAA and had to wait about 45minutes for the tow truck guy.  He ended up towing me all the way down to Cape Coral (a little less than 100 miles).  I definitely took a nap on the car ride.  So we get to the car repair shop at about 3 something or other.  So the mechanic takes like 5minutes looking at my car, and they already know whats wrong.  Apparently a spark plug blew and it striped the threads as well.  So if they have to replace the "head" (idk?) it's going to be $1700++.  Nice.  But they're still doing a more thorough inspection to figure out exactly what needs to get fixed and how much it'll cost.  And I'm pretty sure that it was Tire Kingdom's fault.  Mike's in the process of talking to the District Mananger, so we might be able to get them to fix/pay for it.  Hopefully it won't be too bad.  So my mom came and picked me up at the shop and we went home.  Later that night Sarah and I went to the mall.  And I bought my first Christmas present (haha yeah I'm definitely just starting).
Today helped my Grandma make key-lime pies for some committee (idk?).  Then she took me down to my Dr.'s appt, for my wisdom teeth.  I was just going in for a prelimary visit, to get Xrays and scheduling.  So I see the doctor and we decided that I should only get my top 2 pulled for now because I'm on Christmas break (However I do have to get my bottom 2 pulled as well, they are completely horizontal haha, so they'll be a lot more work than my tops would be).. So we go out to the front desk and we were talking about when we could schedule this thing and the Dr is like: "Well you know, I could do this Today, right now".  Oh my gosh!  Needless to say, we did it right then and there.  It only took 20 minutes amazingly.  However, I was screaming and crying the entire time.  Those novocaine shots hurt SOOOOOO bad!!!  And the doc' said it'll heal in like 3days. Just in time for Christmas. 

So now that my wisdom teeth are taken care (for now.. haha) the only thing I have to deal with is my car.  And depending on what happens with it I may not be able to come back to Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens.  Which would really suck. Hopefully everything works out okay.

Merry Christmas Guys!
So it is 2am right now, and my C++ final is in 4 hours and 30 minutes.  Basically, I've decided that I'm pulling an 'all-nighter'. Score!  The thing that really blows is that I HAVE to get a C+ or better on this test to pass the class. Yikes!

right now my guesses for my grades are:
A German (but that's already finalized)
B Stats
C Applied Linear
C/D C++

I really hope that I pass my C++ test, cuz I do not want to take this class again. It is required for my major, so that sucks.

mmmmmb Cheezits!

so yeah.. back to studying...
<3 molly